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Taifun | The end of one harvest is the beginning of the next harvest

August 7, 2015 | andre

The end of one harvest is the beginning of the next harvest

After the combine harvester it is time for cultivator and co. – systematic stubble cultivation increases the quality of the next harvest. Especially for big farms we developed the new TAIFUN 1200 with 12 m working width. An enormous area efficiency combined with the ruggedness and the effectiveness of all Einböck machines is typical for this giant. Despite its proportions this machine is compact foldable to a transport width of 3 m.

But the Einböck cultivator family has many more members. Besides smaller TAIFUN machines starting from 2,5 m we have the HURRICANE and the MULTISOILER in different versions.

Depending on the farming system, the soil and weather conditions and the crop rotation the demands and objectives can be different in detail. But the basic goals are clear:

– Prevent evaporation through the stubble
– Control of weeds (especially root weeds)
– Activate the straw rotting
– Germination of volunteer grain

In order to achieve these objectives a powerful and effective machining technology is necessary. Einböck offers with its universal cultivators the right machine for stubble tillage for each user. Experience has shown that the aimed working depth for the first stubble cultivation should be between 5 and 7 cm. In this working depth, volunteer grain and weeds which are close to the surface are placed in a germinable depth and the casino underlying soil is preserved for drying out. Also the recently more and more important fuel consumption is kept on a low level at this working depth. It reduces operating costs and protects the environment.

At 5 – 7 cm working depth enough soil is moved to mix the straw residues and to accelerate the rotting. Crucial for the control of root weeds is a full cut of the entire soil surface even at this low working depth. Therefore the cultivators of Einböck can be equipped with overlapping wing shares (HURRICANE) respectively duckfoot shares (MULTISOILER, TAIFUN).It is recommended, as far as possible, to till the stubbles at a small angle to the seed row. Thus, the crop residues are still better mixed and tramlines are better tilled.

All Einböck cultivators for stubble tillage are designed with many tines arranged on more than three beams (MULTISOILER: 6 beams, 16 cm line spacing) – it’s is worth it: More tines on more beams results in better mixing and crumbling of the processed material combined with low risk of clogging.

To improve the soil and increase the yield of the following main crop it is recommended to seed cover crops in one pass with the stubble cultivation. For rigid machines (up to 3 m) therefore the DRILLBOX is a popular solution. For larger working width is the pneumatic seeder P-BOX SPEED with SPEED-TRONIC unbeatable in respect of adjustment and distribution accuracy.