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The AEROSTAR-family, the stars on the field when it comes to weed control “AEROSTAR Family”

August 7, 2015 | andre

The AEROSTAR-family,
the stars on the field when it comes to weed control

Our successful AEROSTAR-family enjoys great popularity. Recently a new member – the AEROSTAR-ROTATION – has joined the family, so we would like to compare here the machines and show you the advantages and the fields of application for each device.




This one is the most economical of the AEROSTARs, nevertheless this machine has a great effect in weed control in grain. Roughly 70 % of the weeds get buried in soil and 30 % of the weeds are destroyed by getting plucked.

We offer a huge selection of different tines for the AEROSTAR for every type of soil, from 380 to 600 mm length and a diameter from 6.5 to 8 mm. The weeder sections are mounted on tilting forks with chains, what ensures perfect following of the soil contour. The AEROSTAR has a line spacing of 2.5 cm (clear spacing of 1.85 cm) and 40 tines per m working width.




As further development to the AEROSTAR, the AEROSTAR-EXACT provides exact depth control. The tine angle is controlled via the hydraulic tine adjustment from the tractor cabin. This hydraulic system divides the pressure among all the sections, therefore even on very uneven fields the same aggressiveness on each section across the entire working width can be obtained. With these various adjustments the AEROSTAR-EXACT is perfect for sensitive special crops.

With an aggressive adjustment and slightly “on-hold” positioned tines even strong soil encrustations are effectively broken without damaging the crop. Unlike with dragging tines the plants are not pulled to the ground or torn.

Its 600 mm long tines are perfectly suited for late weed control or for combing out of couchweed. The AEROSTAR-EXACT is also the ideal machine for blind combing.



Compared to the usual tined weeders the AEROSTAR-ROTATION reaches a much higher level of weed control. The rotating working tools disroot or cover weed, support tillering and break even hard soil crusts. With its rotating star wheels this machine is also suited for mulch-tillage.

If desired the pressure on the working tools can actively be reduced, even to zero down-pressure (the star wheels are floating).

An effective use of the machine is also possible in a late growing stage, because the rotating star wheels do not pull plants, they release them immediately. The inclined position of the star wheels shows an increased effect in the row.